Our Products

ROOBO’s products include AI robot series, smart headset,
and head mount display for VR.

  • Robot


    From cute [PUDDING], to adorable [DOMGY], we have been dedicated to sending smarter robots to every home, and bringing more happiness and convenience to life.

  • VR


    In the booming global VR market, we are the first in the industry to bring the extraordinary [IDEALENS] VR integrated machine to customers.

  • wear

    Wearable Devices

    Smart bone conduction headphone [RUNBONE] makes the sports more scientific, more intelligent, and more melodious. Let’s explore more possibilities of headphone!



AI Robot For Kids

Specially designed for children, this AI robot includes interactive dialogue, abundant content of kids education & entertainment, parents remote accompany, and other functions together.

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AI Pet Companion Robot

Features include: leading indoor navigation planning, sports control and remote control functionalities, facial recognition and voiceprint with high-efficiency. It is the next generation intelligent robot combining amusement and accompany.

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Head Mount Display For VR

295 grams of refined technology and artwork, with the pioneering design of battery compartment located at the back of the body, dual OLED screen with high refresh rate of 90Hz and low afterglow. Reality that comes between your fingers made possible by this convenient, comfortable and immersive VR machine.

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Smart Sports Headset

Smart bone conduction headphone, specially designed for sports people. Functionalities include: heart rate monitor, sports data collection and sports effect analysis.

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    Technology leads to more intelligent and pleasure life

    Technology leads to more intelligent and pleasure life