Globally Oriented AI Solution Provider

ROS.AI Artificial Intelligence Solution Platform

ROS.AI is an artificial intelligence solution platform to provide AI interaction capability overall solution for equipments.
ROS.AI provides developer with a complete AI system solution consisting chips, modules, operating system, content applications, cloud service
and others for household electric appliances, automobiles, robots and other industries,
and is a more comprehensive and flexible open platform and a solution platform.

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • SDK

  • Information Searching

  • Media Playing

  • Voice Interaction

Application Scene

  • Service Robot

    Provide capabilities of autonomous positioning navigation, intelligent voice dialogue, accurate face recognition, commodity knowledge graph, customized enterprise knowledge data, and let robot provide consultation and introduction, propaganda and presentation, direction and other services

  • Intelligent Appliance

    Support online and offline voice control of all kinds of household appliances, possess accurate cold wake-up, rich colloquial instruction, recognition of mandarin and dialect, ambient noise rejection and other capacities

  • Smart Speaker and Center Control System of Households

    Provide hot and cold wake-up, far field recognition, various audial-on-demand dimensions and control instructions, to easily get audio content and better control equipment at home

  • Intelligent Vehicle Terminal

    Provide human-computer interaction solution under on-board environment, support owner's business and information acquisition under in-car scenes, services near around geographic position to realize safer and more efficient operation

  • Children's Story Machine

    Provide customized and optimized voice-recognition service, pure dialogue engine and rich early education resources based on children ' s features of all ages

Product Series

  • Media Coverage Media Coverage

    Media Coverage

    • Industry Information Industry Information

      Industry Information

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    Technology leads to more intelligence and pleasure in life.